Running a business is not an easy task, running a successful business is even more difficult. 2020 has taught us a lot, as we go through one of the worst pandemics in the last 100 years, the unpredictability of life and other things is one such lesson. Economically it is one of the worst years in decades as we saw well-established, thriving enterprises who due to the pandemic came crumbling down into the ruins. Most businesses are now looking to restart after a devastating setback. The economic climate and the market environment have also been influenced; buyers are now more cautious. Adapting to the new circumstances and evolving along with technological advances should be the way forward. As we enter 2021, giving your business a new look and maybe a new identity post the pandemic can bring that much-needed breath of air we all need, especially your business. Your visiting cards can help you achieve that. In this article, we will tell you about the business card designs that we think might work wonders in the days to come and beyond.


The Importance of Business cards:

Before we tell you about the designs it is important for us to know, why is it that business cards are considered so important?  And what role do they play? apart from just traveling from one desk to another. Business cards can also be seen as the first point of contact. It is the first thing you will offer to create an acquaintance. Seeing it as the first impression will also not be wrong at all, and we all know how important these first impressions are. It can literally make or break a deal. A tastefully designed business card offers personality and flaunts trust and professionalism. They literally provide you with an advantage over the others, because a beautifully designed card will always attract the customers into using them first. In 2021 the following designs will help you gain that much-needed advantage.


Interactive Business Cards:

Interactive business cards are the best way to garner someone’s attention. Now we all know, traditionally Business cards were supposed to be a one-way communication used to transfer an individual or a company’s details from one person to another. In 2021 they are more than just that, interactive designs promote the user’s engagement all the while raising his/her interest levels as well. This will surely make the name and the business attached to that design more memorable if the design is appropriately executed. If you are looking to get on the bandwagon contact who have the coolest designs and the finest printing services at their disposal. is your one-stop solution to all the digital and offset printing needs.


Top Business Card Designs to Take Your Business to The Next Level In 2021!


Translucent business cards:

Futuristic art and designs have been trending for a while now. Anywhere around the world, everywhere we look, there are some elements of that futuristic funk we have all have come to know about. Whether it is in the movies or a major brand advertisement, there is a thing about these settings that never fail to appease us. In 2021 one of the most interesting business card designs is these translucent business cards. These designs will surely help you in giving out that impression that you are a company or a man of or for the future. There is a lot to play within these types of designs as well, the opaque elements of texts, graphics and the background, all combined come out as visually intriguing even making you stand out in this fiercely competitive world.


Translucent business cards



Glow In the dark:

Pretty self-explanatory actually, now we all remember, how during our childhood days while we laid down on our beds to sleep in the dark, staring at the glowing universe on the roof helped us dream. There is this eye-catching trait in these types of designs that literally grabs our attention. The aesthetic feel in these designs helps us feel relaxed most of the time. It helps in bringing the brand’s personality at the forefront as it comes off as very stylish. It also helps in increasing the memorability of the entity whose name is printed on the card.


Glow In the dark


Sliding Business Cards with clever cut-outs:

Another way through which you can grab the user’s attention and drive his/her engagement is with these sliding business cards with clever cutouts. Remember the motive behind implementing these designs is to increase the memorability of your name. The more the users spend time with our card the longer he or she will keep our mind. These types of designs not only help you impress the users it also gives off that vibe of innovative professionalism and that you literally are up for any challenge. The users will also prefer the company that has most impressed them because we all know that’s how it goes.  This business design trend is here to stay and will only get more common in the days to come.


Sliding Business Cards with clever cut outs



Clever cut-outs can also be used individually.


Clever cut outs can also be used individually


Minimalist Design:

Minimalist designs are referred to as pieces designed at their most basic. Even in this futuristic world, where playing with new elements is considered innovation, simplicity still has a place, and it seems like it is never going out of fashion. As we get rid of all the superfluous elements, colors, shapes, and textures, the purpose is to make the content stand out and be the focal point. The focus here is more on the message rather than the design and sometimes that also helps in impressing the users who like to get straight to the point.


Minimalist Design



Business cum costar cards:

Over the years we have all seen how environmental friendliness is being encouraged by governments all around. Even we the people as well, are now more concerned about our environment and the climate. Recycling is not considered cheap anymore, it is considered smart. Having a business card designed in such a way that can later be used as an accessory rather than being thrown away after it was used is simply a visionary idea. As we come across it every time, we use it, this helps us in memorizing the name of the person or the brand attached to it.


Business cum costar cards



Qr Codes In cards:

Having a Qr code attached to your business card is a very brilliant idea. It not only comes off as tech-savvy which impresses the user, but it also helps you get straight down to business and gets the user involved, as soon as the user scans the code with his/her phone or other devices. Using a Qr code is also a faster way to connect with one another as it skips almost all the initial steps right from storing the information to navigating the contact lists and actually making a call.

Qr Codes In cards



Business cards today are much more than just a piece of paper with contact details on it. In fact, business cards can be very well be used as the means to judge the person or the company to whom it belongs. A well-designed business card exudes confidence and the entity’s dedication to the cause. It comes off as professional and helps a lot in getting that all-important first impression in your favor. The aforementioned business card designs will surely help you in catching the user’s attention and more importantly their preference. If you are looking to get your business card designs in the best possible way and printed with quality contact, a pioneer in printing services.